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How to tell the story of a business through photography.

Spoiler, it is not about the history!!

Tip, it could be about the people!

All businesses started because they sell something people need, something that solves a problem.

Tip #1 - Power to the People

How engaged with your people are you, as a leader?

Tip #2 - more about people

Your people are the engine of your business, they are the cogs who turn the wheels, do they know the company mission, do they know their part in it?

Are they recognised and rewarded for their part in it?

"Employee recognition from a CEO can be a career highlight for many people. Gallup 2024

People thrive is they are recognised, your customer or client facing team are often the first point of contact, the first time people interact with your business, these are the people they meet. What if they have met before and then see a familiar face?

Tip #3 - First impressions

If your customers meet your team on your web site or socials, when they walk into your premises they will already feel comfortable because they will see faces they recognise and will feel happier to approach, you get one chance to make a great first impression, make sure the in person experience is better than the online, this is where the leadership examples come into play.

Tip #4 - Photographs with clients

Your customer can be your strongest advocate so why not show them having a great experience interacting with your people, this can generate superb case studies that you can use in your future marketing efforts, people love to see and read about other people like them.

Tip #5 - Time to trust.

Trusting and recognising your people can revolutionise your results, with out changing a huge amount, photography is a powerful tool in doing this and really shows how great your people are.

What now?

Recognise your people, show how they make your customers feel and let my photography help you show the world, your people will love you for it. Call now on 07539 452334 for a chat and lets create some ideas.

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