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Applied photography with strategic consultancy

Havers Business photography works exclusively with businesses, our expertise is in helping you build your employees self belief, self esteem, loyalty and value.

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Every person in your company deserves recognition for their contribution, every one!


Employees who feel valued in your business are up to 15% more productive.


Employees who feel valued in your business influence their colleagues into an average 10 % increase in productivity.

Employees who feel heard are 75% les likely to moan to their colleagues, improving overall morale and positivity.


Regular and company wide recognition can lead to employees talking about the company on their own social media.

If you as a business aspire to build a culture like this, I can help you get started.

How we help you use social media is a key component of our strategy.


Team-building breaks down barriers and improves communication in and between departments.


Team building breaks down personal differences and develops better and happier professional relationships.

Team building allows the introverts to shine and the egos to learn humility developing greater mutual respect.

Team building creates a conversation piece that gives people common ground as they have shared experiences.


Photographing the event is one way to help them remember, printed photographs offer a way to send well timed reminders throughout the year of a superb event.

How we help you use social media is a key component of our strategy.



How do you give back to the community? Have you a plan to support local charities and causes with materials, money or people, or all 3?


Photographing this and how you help the community and providing the content digitally and printed goes a long way in spreading the word of how your help your local community.

How we help you use social media is a key component of our strategy.

This is a very brief description of how we can help, the actual offering is much more detailed and is tailored to you, the best way to learn all about it is to give me a call, always happy to chat through how we can help.

Your company is a great place to work.

Does your recruitment material really show that? Do your socials show that? Does your web site show that?

If you are showing your people genuinely happy at work, recruitment is made easier.

If your people are actively involved in the production of photography content to show how they enjoy working at your business, the feel valued, engaged and will want to stay.

These are factors that our photography does affect positively and can help you and your business.

How we help you use social media is a key component of our strategy.

Aubrey Allen Chef Day with Sat Bains 9th October 2023 © Havers Business Photography-6484.J


Working together is a true collaboration where we share our ideas and visions to bring them together to create stunning images in a true single vision that will showcase your ideas, passion and creativity to the whole world and help people aspire to work with you to improve their living space.

Let’s start with a chat, in person, online or on the phone, whichever you prefer

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