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Hello, I’m Steven Havers, specialist business photographer.

Elsewhere on my web site, you can read about how I can help you, this bit is where I can tell you more about me.

I love dogs and I work as a professional dog behaviourist and have done for 28 years, I love it.

I worked alongside that as a professional dog photographer for 5 years until the pandemic of 2020 hit and that closed down.

During lockdown I wanted to start a business with my photography and an estate agent friend of mine suggested interiors, I gave it a go and quickly realised the potential and that I could expand the remit into businesses who need to offer a great customer experience.

Lots of research and practice and here we are.

I am married to the amazing Claire with three teenage kids, two are at college studying for their A levels, my youngest daughter is preparing for her GCSE’s so there is stress and tension in the house as they prepare and we help them to manage their workload with time off for unwinding.

I love watching rugby union, not a fan of a particular club, just love to watch the skills and creativity that is becoming an increasingly large part of the game.

I am right handed but use a left handed mouse for my computer, if they made left handed cameras, I would have one of those, they don’t so I use a right handed Canon.

I love what I do, if I didn’t, I would go and find something I love to do, it is as simple as that. You can only excel at something you love.

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Working together is a true collaboration where we share our ideas and visions to bring them together to create stunning images in a true single vision that will showcase your ideas, passion and creativity to the whole world and help people aspire to work with you to improve their living space.

Let’s start with a chat, in person, online or on the phone, whichever you prefer

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