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Business portraits, or head shots are an essential part of showcasing how trustworthy you and your team are.

You can choose basic head-shots or you can choose to show your staff, who they are, why they like to do and how they connect and interact with your customers and clients.

This is the difference between a head shot and a strategised photography marketing shoot.

Images of your people in action showing how you make your customers and clients feel when working with you generates significantly more engagement than a basic head-shot.

Not every professional works in an office, many professions are mobile, hybrid and work from home, some work in outdoor spaces but still need professional imagery to show them doing what they love doing.

Every business is different.

Great business/customer relationships are the key to business success.

Let’s show the world how good you are, your people are and your business is!


Working together is a true collaboration where we share our ideas and visions to bring them together to create stunning images in a true single vision that will showcase your ideas, passion and creativity to the whole world and help people aspire to work with you to improve their living space.

Let’s start with a chat, in person, online or on the phone, whichever you prefer

Steven Havers professional head shot
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