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How does photography help?

People interact with images far more easily than text or even video because you are in complete control of the information you are sharing.

Think about your web site, people won't read pages of text but they will look at 5 images that completely convey what you do.

Add photos of people doing the work and engagement increases because interest increases, focus on the people not just the task.

Add a meet the team page but have photos of the team doing their work or a hobby, something that makes them more human and approachable.

Do your team write blogs or is that just for the social media team to do?

Engagement, dwell time, properly tagged images, all help your SEO.

On socials, likes, comments and shares all help your reach and SEO and this depends on the interest your photos can generate.

The skill is helping the people in your business be open, approachable, show them working and show what they do and you have a photo that will engage and attract interest, this is why it is about more than photography.

This is what I do to help businesses, how can I help you?

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