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You are more than just a number, you are valued!

Updated: Mar 18

I have been through redundancy three times in the days I worked for other people and I found it a very emotional experience each time.

Compare it to the recruitment process when everything is positive, the welcome is great and the team are all keen to help and encourage, you get off to a fine start!

What happens as time rolls on? You become established, part of the team and the positivity lapses, the encouragement also lapses because you now know what to do and the scrutiny starts to creep in.

Suddenly you are three years in and the company is going to restructure and you are advised you are on the notice list, your position is under review.

It amazed me at how cold and distant this process was compared to the onboarding, how no one wanted to look you in the eye, they were somehow embarrassed by the whole process.

Why are people afraid to treat you like the person you were before your position was under consideration? Why does this have to change people?

People come and go, it is a natural part of a business, just because people are leaving, whether they want to or the business wants them to, why can't that be even more positive experience than onboarding?

People never forget how you made them feel and there are people I would still like to have a chat with!

People are important, let them know. You are valued!

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