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What does team building mean in your business mean to you?

Updated: Feb 21

A really good question and one I ask companies and people I work with, especially in the employee recognition and team building arenas.

If your business is about products shipping from a warehouse, we don't need to have a chat because your customer satisfaction is based on delivering on time a product in good condition, ebay is a prime example. I don't want to know the person I have bought off, they just had an item I wanted.

But the team who run ebay have to get along, work well together and have a common vision, so it is the layers of a company that become interesting.

When there is knowledge or expertise being sold, the person is then an important part of the deal because we want to know what they know and how their knowledge can help us.

This is where relationships are essential. People are designed to work together, have different opinions and decide on the best way forward. These relationships are both internal, within the company, and external from the company, with the clients and I also like to question the recognition of our clients and the vital role they play in the success of the business.

If you want to cement a business relationship, share a team building day with your top 4 clients and see those relationships become even stronger.

This is a challenging concept for many businesses to ponder yet if your ethis and values are built on collaboration and recognition, actually it makes perfect sense!

This is why I love to work with businesses who are people focused, there is so much opportunity for progress!

People together in an art gallery

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