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I am allowed to shoot solicitors!

And they thank me for it!

And accountants, IT companies, wealth managers the list goes on, all professional service companies in fact!

I love my job!

I recently shot a sports day the Birmingham Law Society had arranged and teams from BCL Legal, Bexley Beaumont Ltd. Dains Accountants Ltd, Freeths LLP, Irwin Mitchell LLP, No5 Barristers chambers, Parkview Solicitors, Roythornes Solicitors, Spencer Shaw Solicitors and St Philips chambers Birmingham.

There were between 5 and 7 players per team and there was a wide range of activities and games played which really got the teams working well together, communication skills is an essential part of any team building exercise and it is always really interesting to hear these develop over the course of the activities!

There are always different characters and watching these characters learn to communicate and work together is also great to watch and it really shows how mush the teams do actually like each other.

Spotting the moments to photograph is the key in this arena because moments are happening all the time so keeping both eyes open is a very useful skill so you can see what is unfolding and be prepared to press at the right moment!

Photography and solicitors is always a challenge because I like to show the human as well as the professional so events like these are just wonderful because everyone is having a great time.

I then positively encourage the firms who participated to use the images on their social media to show how their people like to kick back and relax!

If your law firm has an event coming up, especially a team building event and you would like the moments capturing, please let me know!

Lawyers doing a three legged race at a sports day organised by the Birmingham Law Society
Lawyers having fun at a Birmingham Law Society sports day

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