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every little thing you do is magic, employee recognition is magic!

Updated: Mar 18

It really is and you should be very proud of your work, your contribution to the business and the team.

We knew we had hired the right person and you have proven that over and over again.

You are the employee of the month!

Yippee, now what? Is that the end of the story, a mention on the company socials, maybe the newsletter? Is that as much reach as you are going to get?

Look at the bigger picture and what this really says about company culture and values, what your employee retention rates are, how you have hundreds apply for every position you advertise because of how well and how regularly you recognise your people.

There is always more you can do with the content you have, if you are going to make more content, then it makes sense to have that content work harder.

Employee recognition, team building and CSR are all areas where my photography can truly energise your social engagement which then touches the parts already mentioned.

This is the strategic use of photos, no, even better that that, the strategic creation of photos.

Give me a call and lets see how I can help.

people celebrating a win with champagne like formula 1

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