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Does your line manager have good leadership?

Updated: Feb 21

Do you know who is immediately responsible for you at work?

How was your onboarding and induction?

What did your familiarisation consist of?

What training were you given to make sure you were as functional as possible as quickly as possible?

Does your line manager have good leadership?

Your answer to these questions will determine how long you stay with the company and how expensive you are and if the company have wasted your time.

Company culture is shown throughout the recruitment process, if it doesn't meet your expectations it is very possible the experience of working there won't either.

The bigger the company, the more prevalent this seems to be.

When i worked for other people, I remember every interview and onboarding, the variety in quality was remarkable, now it should be so much better because there should now be so much more awareness!

Recruitment is far more expensive than retention and if people feel listened to and valued, they are far less likely to leave and are more likely to be a positive influence in the workplace.

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