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Could better employee recognition and engagement get you a pay rise?

Updated: Mar 18

What does employee recognition and engagement have to do with business photography?

Photography is a magical tool because it can do so much.

The employees who get paid the most are the most productive or know the most, productivity and knowledge do hold the purse strings.

These also tend to be the most motivated, the most engaged and the most likely to talk about the company on their socials. Because they feel engaged and valued!

Evidence shows a 15% increase in productivity from people who feel engaged, recognised and valued.

Does every business have the time to spot when people are doing well, let alone thank them or offer some higher form of recognition?

HR have enough to do day to day, but would a more engaged and motivated workforce reduce the demand on HR and free up their time to be more pro active?

It is well documented that a happy and engaged workforce have fewer disputes, fewer arguments, are more likely to collaborate and work together.

Does every employee have the ability to post on the company Facebook and LinkedIn pages, are they able to post company information on their personal socials?

It is a very powerful way to help people feel valued, because their views matter, you can supply the content, they can post and your company reach increases.

The world can see how your people feel about working for you and that can help attract more of the right people who want to work with you.

So how does business photography apply to this?

Really simple, we can help provide the content, the photographs of the people who you want to recognise, photographs of the people they help, of them together, even how your people help your clients because this is often an overlooked part of business relationships.

At Havers Business Photography we specialise in bringing your people to the fore, showing how and with whom they make a difference and saying well done, thank you!

Recognition is very powerful, we can help you maximise the benefits. It all starts with a chat so get in touch now,

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