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Are your employees visible at work?

Updated: Mar 18

Every company has the high fliers, the noisy ones, the ones who suck up and these are always the most visible, yet these should be at the back of the queue in the recognition tables.

It is the unsung heroes who glue a business together, the behind the scenes people, the task doers, the invoice chasers, these are often the most overlooked people in a business and that is a management filing, they assume you will just get on with it, regardless.

This does not have to be the case at all, if your manager is a people person.

People managers know their team, know what is going on and what they need and they make sure their essential contribution to the company is recognised and valued.

They know how important their people are and they fight their corner.

These are the best managers of all, because they know their people.

I have worked for one such manager when |I was in the corporate world and we remain friends to this day, because we got on so well and he taught me everything about how to manage people, this proved essential when I started networking to promote mu people photography business because all I want to help is people who need to be seen.

Employee recognition and employee visibility is what we do, we help companies and businesses make sure their people feel valued and noticed, a happy employee is a more productive employee, happy employees make for better teams and happy teams are also more productive, more inclined to share ideas and ways to solve problems.

They can become your greatest ambassadors.And you didn't even know their name.

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