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We specialise in photography for Solicitors

Team Building with photography

The camera is the window to the soul, get to know each other better through photography

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The start of the day.

Drinks and chat, your people need to feel confident and comfortable with the days topic, getting to know each other better.

There are two topics for the morning and two more for the afternoon:

What made you feel amazing, can be work or leisure,

What made you feel angry, can be work or leisure

What made you feel sad, can be work or leisure

What made you feel proud, can be work or leisure.

These subjects allow people to talk openly about their experiences whilst they take turns taking the photograph at the point they feel the speakers expression best matches that of the story being told.


You build a team through sharing experiences and stories, you build a team by learning to conquer new challenges and learning new skills.

Verbal storytelling and visual story telling make this a very challenging day for all.

And you have to learn how to work a camera and set the right lighting to match the mood of your subject, according to your story.

This day is limited to 10 people, for the best results.

Please contact us for more details and pricing.

Specialist Business Photography © Havers Business Photography-4648.JPG


Working together is a true collaboration where we share our ideas and visions to bring them together to create stunning images in a true single vision that will showcase your ideas, passion and creativity to the whole world and help people aspire to work with you to improve their living space.

Let’s start with a chat, in person, online or on the phone, whichever you prefer

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